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  TERRORISM INTELLIGENCE is designed for all officers involved in Terrorism prevention and counter terrorist operations, in domestic or foreign operations, you will be introduced in the Intelligence community with agents with real-life experience form Israel, Columbia, UK and Spain.

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TERRORISM PREPAREDNESS  Information briefing is designed for first responders to receive a basic education in terrorist tactics and methodologies. It is also for administrators and decission makers to be better aware of target within their jurisdfiction and how to make an accurate Threat assesment.

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Force Operations for WEAPONS MASS DESTRUCTION incidents has been created for first responders, supervisors and administrators. The course instructs law enforcement personnel on tech procedures, equipment and tactics needed to safety respond to, and operate in, an environment involving the terrorist use of a weapon or mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapon).

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The IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES COURSE (IED) is a one- day training event that covers the basics to better understand and recognize booby traps, hands-on bombs and the difference between high & low explosives and their components.
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BOMB DISPOSSAL is a tailor-made course designed for a Bomb Squad operator, administrator or any law enforcement or military operator who operate in a counter-terrorist environment.
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NARCOTICS/TERRORISM NEXUS  in Afghanistan lecture is designed for all levels of law enforcement and military; from ranking commanders, administrators, Detectives, Intelligence, Narcotics officers, corrections, probation, first responders, patrol and special teams. Students will receive a basic education on Afghanistan, the terrorist organizations involved, narcotics production and how it is affecting the War on Terrorism and our own communities.
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SPANISH COUNTER-TERRORISM is an 8 hour mixture of classroom (two-hours) and hands-on training.
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