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  Tactical Swimmer Course is a unique course designed for law-enforcement operators who must operate on the surface of water.
Modeled after the US Marine's and Navy SEALs Combat Swimmer's Course, you will be taught techniques in surface swimming, infiltration & exfiltration, reconnaissance, surveillance and special operations missions. In addition to tactics, you will be given basic water survival training, should you ever enter the water by a controlled or uncontrolled fall.
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TACTICAL DIVE COURSE -  (SCUBA) is a two-day (16 hour) course that few people outside of the military will have the opportunity to experience.
The course is designed to pick up where the Tactical Swimmer Course left off; however, it is not a prerequisite for this course.

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Search and Recovery Dive Course (SCUBA) is a two-day (16 hour), step-by-step course for divers. Whether or not your are currently on a dive team, if you are interested in learning law-enforcement methods of search and recovery in a maritime environments, this course is designed for you.
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Gas & Oil Platform (GOPLAT) Interdiction is a two-day (16 hour) course that few people outside of the military will have the opportunity to experience.

On a GOPLAT operation you are forced to think "spherically" because there are hiding places above you, beneath you, and on every side.
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Boat Interdiction is a one-day (8 hour) course that will benefit anyone on a boarding team, USCG MSST, PSU, MSO, port police, Customs or DEA agents and tactical team member who have a port, large river or marina in their jurisdiction.
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Ship Interdiction is a one-day (8 hour) course created to provide participants with information and techniques necessary to plan, board, seize and search large vessels.

The training is geared for law enforcement, port police and USCG personnel assigned to MSST, Sea Marshal, boarding teams and VBST units.
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THE PORT SECURITY COURSE is designed for operators, team leaders and anyone in the chain-of-command who is in charge of, works with, works for the deals with ports or harbours. This training is focused in all aspects of the seaport security including regular criminals and terrorism. You will learn how to conduct a right check security and countermeasures, avoiding the risk and maximizing the officer safety in this environment
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