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  All of our more than 125 instructors are sworn law enforcement (tactical team leaders academy staff, surveillance operators, protection officers, maritime team leaders, range staff and snipers) or active duty military (Naval Special Warfare Operators, Marine Corps Special Operations personnel, Army Special Forces, Homeland Defense and Security Officials and combat doctors & medics).
  HSS will not train any non-sworn personnel (outside of our tactical medicine courses where we allow firefighters, paramedics, employed EMTs and ambulance staff). We keep our rosters pure and adhere to the notion that police & military personnel should only be trained by current operators.
  In addition to regularly scheduled training, we offer contracted & tailor-made courses to best benefit the host agency or unit. We guarantee that all training with fall within acceptable use-of-force and rules of engagement policies.


HSS has trained or supported the activities of many clients around the world, including but not limited to:

Spain, Jordan, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Japan, South Africa Canada, France, England, Germany, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Peurto Rico, Argentina, Australia, Denmark Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Finland.
You can write or call to our permanent offices in United States, South Africa Australia Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Japan, United Kingdom and Spain (Security Division Headquarters).
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