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  Knife Defense is a one-day (8 hour), 100% hands-on course that is designed to teach you how to increase your chances of surviving a knife attack; at close range while you are on duty - whether you are armed or unarmed.
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Ground Tactics is a one-day (8 hour), officer safety course designed for all levels of law enforcement and military. It is a critical component to officer survival; as most violent encounters end up on the ground (for arrest and control techniques or during the fight).
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Patrol DeTAC Course is a critical component of, and to, officer safety. The course is designed for patrol law enforcement, first responders, probation and any enforcement officer who works on the streets.
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SWAT DeTAC is a specialized course designed for operators assigned to tactical teams or special units. HSS International trains law enforcement and military from the jungles of Brazil to metropolitan Japan. We use this exposure to pass onto the participants the latest in tactical team officer safety; when dealing with combative subjects.

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Institutional Combatives is designed for persons (sworn and non-sworn personnel) who books, houses or transports prisoners.

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