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Our History

HSS International Inc. (formerly Hike Stalk Shoot) is a training organization dedicated to the enhancement of law enforcement, medical (pre-hospital trauma), first responder, homeland security, military tactics and officer safety. In 2001 we initiated security operations and Homeland Security Programs for the fight against the terrorism and support the peace operations around the world.

HSS has been conducting counterterrorism and terrorism preparedness courses (aircraft, airport train, maritime, surveillance, PSD and terrorism operations) since the early 1990s.

In May of 1991 we conducted our first sniper / counter-sniper training event in the California desert north of Victorville. The founders, all SWAT team members from several departments, began sponsoring their own SWAT Sniper training because they wanted to supplement the training they already received.

At the time, the motive was purely for additional tactical and sniper training.The first several events/operations were almost exclusively dedicated to sniper training. It was HSS International's close relationship with the instructors of the 1st Marine Division Scout/Sniper School which changed the way numerous California police snipers trained and deployed.

As more and more snipers started showing up at HSS events, so did the number
of "aggressors" (teams employed to provide counter-sniper operations). As more aggressors participated, we kept them busy with live-fire dynamic entry training and basic tactics.

Over the next few of years the training became more elaborate to accommodate both snipers and entry teams. Personnel involved in logistics, negotiations, communications, narcotics, K-9, aviation, transportation and other specialties started attending HSS International events. As we grew, so did our Instructor Staff. They came from, and still come from, diverse organizations such as LA County SEB, US Marshals SOG, DEA, 42 Commando (UK), CIA, SEALs, Force Recon, Army Special Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Spanish Counterterrorism Unit, GSG-9, Scotland Yard, SO-19, numerous tactical teams from the United States and Canada and the Australian SAS.

It was no longer simple range training anymore, but included realistic scenarios, counterterrorist operations, tactical medicine and trauma care, explosive entries/breaching, use of Simunition, AirSoft weapons, helicopters, multiple actors, special effects and props.

With our training growing in diversity and content, and the Instructor staff increasing, HSS International has found its niche in the tactical and officer safety world. The courses included: Live-fire CQB, sniper training, waterbourne operations, counter terrorism operations, defensive tactics (DeTAC), bus interdiction, warrant service, tactical rope courses, aircraft & airport operations, VIP protection, Convoy Protection & Operations, Command Post operations, MP-5 courses, K9, SWAT courses, hostage rescue and lectures given by experts from around the world.

HSS has a new division called HSS Gear Inc. HSS Gear has a strong R&D team made up from experienced operators in LE & military; we also have two E.E. Engineer and three Machine Engineers to ensure superior quality & design. We don't just manufacture the gear, we are in the design process as well. HSS Gear consistently use the best materials in the Industry; including "DOUBLE" layer 1000 Denier DuPont Cordura with Teflon coating. We also provide Flame- Retardant Fabric by special request.

Our other sister corporation, High Security Solutions, conducts PSD, static & mobile security, threat assessment, counter-narcotics operations/training, key facility protection, consulting, military advising and seaport security.

As challenges to law enforcement, medics and the military increase, so does the need for realistic training. HSS International is a cost effective way to supplement your training. We look forward to training with you and/or your department.

Stay safe, keep Christ first and we look forward to training with you,

Dan Erber
President / CEO
Retired SWAT / Former Marine 0311


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