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$299.00 (includes course manual, color/embossed certificate of training and free event shirt)

Duration: 16 hours

2007 Training Date
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  • In this course you will be taught:
    - Rapid team deployment
    - Equipment selection
    - Team organization & selection
    - Types of rail systems
    - Rail equipment recognition
    - Track safety
    - Disabling & approaches
    - Terminology
    - Hostage rescue/handling
    - Ballistics
    - Tubular arrest & control
    - Emergency procedures and officer safety


TRAIN INTERDICTION COURSE is a two day (16 hour) officer and tactical team safety course. It is designed for patrol level (first responder) to the tactical team or special team member.

The course demonstrates, step by step, the process of seizing a train in a variety of tactical situations.

Participants will receive relevant rail information in a classroom setting prior to getting on board the train.

The training covers a wide range of topics involving officer safety, tactical team response, hostage rescue, active shooter on board, emergency procedures and more.

Your Instructors are from major metropolitan tactical teams, US Marine Corps SOGT & Force Reconnaissance, s, US Navy SpecOps and the Royal Marines Commando CQB unit and Transit Police department tactical team leader(s).

This, like all HSS courses, can be tailor made to best benefit your unit or department. You tell us what would be most beneficial and we will make it happen.

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