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2007 Training Date
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  • In this course you will be taught:
    Due the sensitive& critical information, please, contact us for recall more info.


BOMB DISPOSSAL is a tailor-made course designed for a Bomb Squad operator, administrator or any law enforcement or military operator who operate in a counter-terrorist environment.

You will be taught the operational methods of terrorists from around the world: Bomb workshops, how the material is obtained, training they receive, their favorite devices and how they are employed, initiation systems and the ambush style & tactics preferred.

Also you will be introduced in the theory of explosives, terrorist devices, safety, deployment protocols, equipment, tactics and the most advanced methods for  disarming and/or disrupt the charges.

Your Instructors are CT bombs experts from the most dangerous countries in Europe, Middle East and South America.

This is not EOD course, this is Terrorist Devices course.

This course can be modified and tailor-made to best benefit your department or unit.

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